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Mercy Street Theatre Company

December 2015 / 2016

Santa Claus has quit his job, run away, and is living under a bridge in suburban America. His best friend is Laura, a young trans woman working to gain the acceptance of her Mother and Father, who always ruin everything. Laura and Santa encounter singing trees, collectivist elves, and adulthood in their quest to find the thing between selfish and selfless.

Merry Christmas, Mulch Pile! was produced by Mercy Street Theatre Company (Chicago) in the Winter of 2015 & '16. The 2015 run raised money for Chicago House's TransWorks initiative. In 2016, we were able to assist Project Fierce Chicago as they raised money to purchase a home for unhoused queer youth in the city's South Side. These are two incredible organizations that I hope you will take the time to check out (and support).

2016 Production:

Director – Jake Fruend

Production Design – Alaina Moore

Lighting – Slick Jorgensen

Set – Christopher Semel

Technical Director: Jordan Siragusa

Production Manager – Camille Smith

Stage Manager – Amanda Gustafsson

LAURA – Alexia Jasmene

SANTA – Nicholas Caesar

MOM – Annelise Dickinson

DAD – Andrew Clancey

MRS. CLAUS – Heather Branham Green

COMET – Chris Syvie

TREE #1 – Ian Michael James

TREE #2 – Kelsey Wang

ELF #1/NURSE – Samantha Michelle Nava

ELF #2 – Sonja Lynn Mata

SNOWMAN – Clint Worthington

2015 Production:

Director – Jake Fruend

Dramaturg – Jerico Bleu

Lighting – Slick Jorgensen

Set – Elyse Balough

Costume – Alaina Moore

Sound – Eli Van Sickel

Production Manager – Danielle Stack

Stage Manager – Becky Cagney

LAURA – Natalia Nicholson

SANTA – Michael Ryczek

MOM – Annelise Dickinson

DAD – Stephen Dunn

MRS. CLAUS – Stephanie Murphy

TREE #1 – Nellsyn Hill

TREE #2 – Nicholas Caesar

NURSE – Agapinan

COMET – Chris Sylvie

ELF – Juliana Brecher

SNOWMAN – Charlie Davis

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